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Russia to Develop Kedr New Gen Intercontinental Ballistic Missile from 2023
Da defenseworld.net del 3 aprile 2021

RS-24 Yars ICBM @Russia MoD

Russia will start the development of new generation intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), Kedr, around 2023.

"Research work on Kedr has been financed under the current state arms procurement program, which is in effect until 2027. Technological development will begin in 2023-2024," a defense industry source was quoted as saying by government-owned TASS (https://tass.com/defense/1273711)today.

According to the source, solid-fuel Kedr ICBMs are to replace Yars systems at the turn of 2030. Kedr will have mobile and silo-based modifications, just like its predecessor.

On March 1, a source in the space industry had revealed to TASS that Russian defense companies had launched engineering drafting work on the new-generation Kedr ICBM.

The RS-24 Yars is reported to be designed similarly to Russiaís SS-27 (Topol M) ICBM and the Bulava (SS-NX-32) SLBM. The missile is estimated to be 22.5 meters in length and 2 meters in diameter. It is believed to be fitted with a newer reentry vehicle (RV) design that will allow the RVís to maneuver in space and during re-entry. The total launch weight of the RS-24 is assessed to be 49,000 kg and is expected to have a minimum range of 2,000 km and a maximum of 10,500 km.